Sanyuan rubber is a large-scale professional manufacture which is engaed in conbeyor belts designing and researching and producing.We are the members of China Rubber Association.During the years,adhering to the principle of science and technology , we are focusing high-tech conbeyor belts products cooperate with Qingdao Science and Technology University and China Rubber lnstitute.

NN/EP conveyor belts

Product description

Compared with cotton conveyor belts, nylon,polyester conveyor belts has a advantages of high strength,good flexibility,impact resistant,light weight,good groove.

It can effectively reduce the transmission costs, achieve high-speed, big span, long-distance transportation. Except the advantages of nylon conveyor belt, polyester conveyor belts has other many advantages such as low elongation.

The strength does not reduce under wet which is really important for long distance and wet working conditions. the specifications of the fabric strength :125N/mm 150N/mm 200N/mm 250N/mm 300N/mm 400N/mm 100N/mm and so on.


Contton conveyor belts

Features and applications

Multi-layers cotton as the core,common use rubber as the cover,-made after molding and vulcanizing. Mainly used to convey powder small and medium size or wear less materials and items.

Standards:GB/T 7984-2013《 common use fabric core conveyor belts)) ,the standards reference to the international standard IS014890:2003.


Heat resistant conveyor belts

Features and application

The heat resistant conveyor belts consist of heat resistant rubber cover and fabric core with multi-layers,widely used in metallurgy,building materials,coking,casting and chenmical industry.

It can be divided int 4 grades according to the testing temperature.

T1-the testing temperature <100℃

T2-the testing temperature <125℃

T3-the testing temperature <150℃

T4-the testing temperature <175℃

The standards:GB/T 20021-2005《Fabric core resistant conveyor blets》


High temperature resistant conveyor belts

Features and application

This kind of conveyor belts are made of one layer or double layers of high strength, low shrinkage,excellent heat-resistant polyester fabric as the core, EPDM rubber as the cover,with special producing process. The resistant temperature can achieve 300 ℃, instant temperature can achieve 1000 ℃, the service life is 3 times above the level of the same industry. It is widely used in iron and steel sintering ore,pellet,clinker cement,coking plant and other conveying line of high temperature material.


Heat and fire resistant conveyor belts

Features and apolication

This kind of patent heat and fire resistant products is to improve the construe and material of the traditional conberyor belt thus slowing the speed of the high temperatures to the belt core thus to produce the aging of the core service life of the converyor belt.The resistant remperature an achieve to 200℃,the instant temperature can achieve to1000℃,and it can avoid the burnt of the blet.

The service life of our heat and rire resistant conveyor belt can be 3 times longer than others,it has achieved the international advanced level.The heat and fire resistant conveyor belts mainly used in cokong,sinter,casting,building materials,metallurgy and other industries to convey the flame material with high temperature.


Patterned conveyor belts

Features and application

Patterned belt is compose of belt carcass and pattern cover.Pattern shape and height (depth) can be different because of different conveying materials and gradient of the conveyor. The types of patterned conveyor belts consist of chevron pattern conveyor belt,Fish-bone pattern conveyor belt,herringbone pattern conveyor belt,round pit pattern conveyor belt,round nail form conveyor is suitable for conveying packaged, powdered, granulated and small lump material at a gradient of equal or less than 40℃.


Sidewall conveyor belts

Features and application

The sidewall conveyor belts consist of base belt,sidewall, and cleats. It increase the

conveying angle(30 to 90 degrees). It has the advantages of small installation space, less investment,large conveying capacity,greater lifting height. It can achieve a smooth transition from the horizontal to vertical. It is suitable for conveying easily scattered powdery,granular and small block shape materials.

The standards:HG/T 4062-2008〈 〈 sidewall conveyor belts》


Steel cord conveyor belts

Features and application 

 High tensile strength,good impact resistance performance,long service life,small elongation,good trough ability used for conveying long distance, high speed,big quantity materials. Widely used in coal mine, mine, port, metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry.

According to the rubber cover it can divided into: common, flame retardant, cold resistant,abrasion resistant,heat resis- tant,chemical「esistant.

According to the structure it can be divided into: common type and anti-tearing type.


Whole core flame retardant conveyor belts

Features and application

The reinforced core is the whole cotton layer with excellent flex resistance and shock resistance and good safety performance. The rubber cover use rubber or plastic or PVC. It is light weight, high strength, good safety widely used in coal mine transportation.

Standards:MT914—2008《 coal mine fabric core flame retardant conveyor belt》this standard reference to the British BS3289 standard.



 Our product are widely sold to 26 province in China and exported to America,Russia,South Africa India,Phlilppines and other countries.