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Conveyor belt manufacturers teach you the safety test method for mine flame retardant conveyor belt

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The alcohol burner burning test is an important basis for measuring the flame retardancy of the flame-retardant steel wire rope traction belt. It is also an important project for testing. The testing methods and determinations are all carried out with reference to MT449-1995. In the general test, the following simplified method can be used: 1 cutting 24 transverse test pieces without metal cross members directly on the vulcanizer (or other pressurizable machine) with a special cutter 50 mm from the ear groove. Among them, 12 pieces were peeled off by the upper and lower cover layers by grinding. 2 Cut the upper ear groove from the flame-retardant wire rope traction belt (note that the cutting surface is flat), and then cut into six 150 mm long test pieces. 3 Cut the lower ear groove from the flame-retardant wire rope traction belt (note that the cutting surface is flat), and then cut into six 150mm long test pieces. 4 The test piece should be placed horizontally, the lower end of which is 50mm from the mouth of the alcohol burner, and the alcohol burner is placed vertically. The test was carried out in a combustion chamber under low light, and the alcohol burner was ignited to adjust the flame height to 150-180 mm, and the fuel consumption was 2.55 mL/min±o. 15 mL/min. 5 The air flow around the test piece should be as small as possible during the test, so as not to affect the flame of the test piece. During the test, the fuel level in the container should be kept within 760 mm ± 20 mm from the bottom of the alcohol burner. The test piece is located in the center of the flame, and its leading edge is consistent with the outer edge of the flame, perpendicular to the door of the combustion box. 6 After the test piece was placed in the flame for 30 s, the unburned alcohol burner was removed, and from this time, the flaming and flameless burning time on the test piece was measured with a stopwatch with a minimum index of 0.01 s.
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