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Conveyor belt manufacturers teach you to choose conveyor belt material

Provider:   Source:   Time:2019-08-07  
Many customers have doubts about the selection of material specifications and models when purchasing new conveyor belts. It is not clear which materials are good and sometimes they are confused. Conveyor belt manufacturers have summarized the expertise in the manufacturing industry and look forward to being effective in the future.

1, pVc is also called polyethylene, pVc conveyor belt commodity textile level can be divided into: one cloth one glue, two cloth one glue, one cloth two glue, two cloth two glue, two cloth three glue, three cloth three glue, three cloth Four glue, four cloth four glue, four cloth five glue, five cloth five glue and so on. The temperature range of the pVc conveyor belt is between 2:00 ° C and +90 ° C.
Because pVc conveyor belt has good ductility, is not easy to deform, and has the characteristics of wear resistance, stagnation resistance, low noise, environmental protection, energy conservation, environmental protection, anti-static, etc., so the main use is more common, the key application in food, Tobacco, freight logistics, packaging and other manufacturing industries, together with the mine transportation of the media mine, can also be used to transport raw materials in the metallurgical industry, petrochemical industry.

2, pU is also called polyurethane material, pU conveyor belt uses energy-saving raw material polyurethane material (pU) as the raw material for the production of conveyor belt, can be touched immediately with food, color is appropriate, no odor, with acid and alkali resistance Corrosion, low temperature resistance, laser cutting resistance, abrasion resistance, physics and embrittlement, etc., is a durable and durable conveyor product used in the food industry or the food sector to transport loose, canned, and packaged whole grain. , related to the manufacturing industry of cookies, sugar cubes, vegetable and fruit production and processing, poultry and meat food production and processing.
3, silicone rubber is this high-activity sucking raw material, is an amorphous chemical substance, does not dissolve water and all organic solvents, non-toxic, odorless, and stable physical properties. It is a new product of this kind of performance and multifunctional polymer material. It has the characteristics of high adsorption energy, good heat resistance, stable physical properties and high impact toughness. Silicone rubber conveyor belts are easy to install, maintenance-free, stable, not easy to run, long-term use, laser-resistant, heat-resistant, etc., have been used in aerospace, chemical plants, crude oil, large and medium-sized power generation Equipment, machinery and equipment, metallurgical industry, electrical equipment insulation, engineering and construction industries.

4. Vulcanized rubber material The rubber conveyor belt has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, heat resistance, burning resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, flame retardancy, tear resistance, puncture resistance, etc. The temperature of the ultra-low temperature -16 ° C to the high temperature of 50 ° C, the raw material temperature does not exceed 60 ° C. Can be divided into general conveyor belt, three-resistant conveyor belt, flame retardant conveyor belt and so on. The vulcanized rubber material belt conveyor is suitable for liquid raw material conveyors of various mining, metallurgical industry, steel, coal, hydropower engineering, decorative building materials, chemical plants, grain and other companies.