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Advantages of large dip belt and product features

Provider:   Source:   Time:2019-08-07  
Large dip belt advantage:

The installation speed is fast, the conveying inclination angle is large, the floor space is small, the civil construction investment is reduced, the arrangement is flexible, the maintenance amount is small, and the energy consumption is low.

The large-angle wavy rib belt is composed of a base belt, a rib, and a horizontal partition. The ribs prevent the material from slipping and falling.

In order to facilitate the winding around the drum, the flange is designed to be corrugated; the function of the diaphragm is to support the material, and in order to achieve large inclination, the T-type TC is used. The flange and the diaphragm are connected to the base tape by secondary vulcanization and have a high joint strength.
Features of large angle conveyor belt (common type large angle wave rib conveyor belt):

1. Increase the conveying angle (30~90 degrees);

2. Small footprint and low investment;

3. The conveying volume is large and the lifting height is higher;

4. Smooth transition from horizontal to inclined (or vertical);

5. It is suitable for conveying powdery, granular, small block, paste and liquid materials that are easy to be scattered;

6. Low energy consumption, simple structure, high tape strength and long service life.