High temperature resistant conveyor belts
Product specifications:Customized according to the manufacturer
Product Details

Features and application:This kind of conveyor belts are made of one layer or double layers of high strength, low shrinkage,excellent heat-resistant polyester fabric as the core, EPDM rubber as the cover,with special producing process. The resistant temperature can achieve 300 ℃, instant temperature can achieve 1000 ℃, the service life is 3 times above the level of the same industry. It is widely used in iron and steel sintering ore,pellet,clinker cement,coking plant and other conveying line of high temperature material.

The standard:Q/BSY 01-2015<<High temperature resistant rubber and plastic conveyor belts>>

Main performance and indicators



Tensile Strength
Rate of change after heat aging%≤ 40
Lowest value after heat aging/MPa 5
Elongation at break
Rate of change after heat aging%≤ 55
Lowest value after heat aging/MPa