Features and applications: multi-layers cotton as the core,common use rubber as the cover,-made after molding and vulcanizing. Mainly used to convey powder small and medium size or wear less materials and items.

Standards:GB/T 7984-2013《 common use fabric core conveyor belts)) ,the standards reference to the international standard IS014890:2003.

Physical properties of the coating layer(before aging)
Performance type Tensile strength/Mpa ≥ Elongation at break/% ≥ Wear quantity/mm³ ≤
H 24 450 120
D 18 400 100
L 15 350 200
Note:H is used for transporting on the tape is strongly impair the sha

With a core containing natural fiber belt minimum adhesive strength
Index item
among the cloth layer
among overburden and cloth layer
the thinckness of 0.8mm-1.5mm
the thickness of fverburden >1.5mm
Average value of all samples N/mm≥ 3.2 2.1 2.7
Minimum peak value of all samoles N/mm 2.7 1.6 2.2
Note:the hightest peak of all samples should not exceed 20N/mm。

The tensile serength of the belt:

a.the longitudinal tensile serength of the belt is not less than nominal value:160 200 250 315 400 500 600 630 800N/mm。

b.the elongation should not be greater than 4%。

c.straightness:no more than 250mm。