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Wholeheartedly at your service, and strive to do our best to allow customers absolute satisfaction.-- Sanyuan service will guarantee customer trouble free purchase.

Sanyuan rubber co., ltd will active, fast response, "four full service" and company web interactive services for you to set up professional service communication platform, solve your questions and requirements by multi channel.

Full service:

Per-Sale: Select the type of correctly, reasonable and reliably; based on customer’s project, design and recommend the scheme that is most suitable for the customer's actual demand.

In- Sale: Establish a professional service team and care fo「customers all the time. Provide free technical training, guide installation and commissioning, or provide installation service directly.

After-Sale: Keep follow-up record, make patrol inspection, render all around maintenance, remove hidden troubles quickly, and keep good equipment efficiency.

All time service:No matter it is windy or rainy,daytime or night time,near or far,call us when you need,we will arrived promptly.

Full service:Design the optimum solution,guide the operation method,pay a return visit regularly,arrange routine repair and sepair and scheduled lifetime maintenance.

Wholeheartedly serbice:Listen to the customer's requirement patiently,care for the customer's vital interest.

The service call: 0312-8348886 8348889