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Brief description of the characteristics of acid and alkali conveyor belt

Provider:   Source:   Time:2019-08-07  
It is suitable for working environment with acid and alkali contact, such as phosphate fertilizer manufacturing, sea salt, and rubber covering. It is blended with rubber and plastic and filled with inert material with excellent acid and alkali resistance. It has better performance than neoprene oil and alkali conveyor belt. The frame material is made of EP canvas, which is more reliable than the cotton canvas core with acid and alkali resistance.


Cotton canvas, nylon canvas or polyester canvas is used as the core, the belt body is good in elasticity, the groove forming performance is good, and the elongation is small. The cover rubber made of acid and alkali resistant materials has good chemical resistance and good physical properties.
Uses: It is suitable for chemical and chemical enterprises such as chemical plants, fertilizer plants, paper mills and other materials to transport corrosive materials. It can also be used for sea salt.