Heat resistant conveyor belts
Product specifications:Customized according to the manufacturer
Product Details

Features and application:The heat resistant conveyor belts consist of heat resistant rubber cover and fabric core with multi-layers,widely used in metallurgy,building materials,coking,casting and chenmical industry.

It can be divided int 4 grades according to the testing temperature.

T1-the testing temperature <100℃

T2-the testing temperature <125℃

T3-the testing temperature <150℃

T4-the testing temperature <175℃

The standards:GB/T 20021-2005《Fabric core resistant conveyor blets

The features and index:

Physical properties of the resistance to the tropical covering
T1 T2 T3 T4
Allowable variation range
Hardness Difference between aging and aging +20 +20 ±20 ±20
Maximum value after aging 85 85 85 85
Tensile strength Rate of performance change -25 -30 -40 -40
Minimum value after aging 12 10 5 5
Elongation at break Rate of change after aging  -50 -50 -55 -55
Minimum value after aging 200 200 180 180