Flame retardant conveyor belts for general use
Product specifications:Customized according to the manufacturer
Product Details

Features and application:This kind of conveyor belt consist of core with nylon or polyester and rubber cover with flame retardant.The surface of the belt with fire resistant and conductivity ablilty,can put out the flame instantly.suitable for transport open coal mine and other conducting electrostatic occasion.

Main performance and indicators

Physical properties of the coating layer(before aging)
Index item Tensile strength/MPa ≥ Elongation at break/%  Wear quantlty/mm³ ≤
D 17 450 175
L 14 400 200

Note 1:type D is used for conveying hegh wear material,type L for conveying medium wear material.

Note 2:when the overlay thickness of 0.8mm-1.6mm,samples thickness can be cut out of the maximum thickness.

Al this time,tensile strength and breaking elongation than low median 15% less than.

Safety performance
Flame retardant grade
K1 K2 K3
Continuous time of falme The duration of the flame of the 3 covered samples and 3 non coated samples shall not be more than 45s,the single value of the covering layer shall not be more than 15s,and theindividual value of the non covering layer shall not be more than 20s.  The flame duration of the 6 coated samples shall not be more than 45s,and the value of any single value shall not exceed 15s. The average value of the flame duration of the 3 coated samples is not large 60s.
Antistatic property No more than 3x10Ω
Reignition property There should be no fire on any one of the samples.