NN/EP conveyor belts
Product specifications:Customized according to the manufacturer
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Features and application:Compared with cotton conveyor belts, nylon,polyester conveyor belts has a advantages of high strength,good flexibility,impact resistant,light weight,good groove.

It can effectively reduce the transmission costs, achieve high-speed, big span, long-distance transportation. Except the advantages of nylon conveyor belt, polyester conveyor belts has other many advantages such as low elongation.

The strength does not reduce under wet which is really important for long distance and wet working conditions. the specifications of the fabric strength :125N/mm 150N/mm 200N/mm 250N/mm 300N/mm 400N/mm 100N/mm and so on.

Standard: GB/T7984-2013《fabric core conveyor belt》

physical properties of the coating layer(before aging)
Performance type Tensile strength/MPa ≥ Elongation at break/% ≥ Wwar quantlty/mm³ ≤
H 24 450 120
D 18 400 100
L 15


Note:H is used for transporting on the tape is strongly impair the sharp wear material;D is used for conveying height abrasiveying high abrasive materials;I for conveying moderate wear material.

Syntheric fiber skeleton belt minimum adhesive strength
Index item
among the cloth layer
among overburden and cloth layer
the thickness of 0.8mm~1.5mm the thickness of >1.5mm
    Average value of all samples,N/mm≥
4.5 3.2


Minimum peak value of all samples,N/mm≥ 3.9 2.4 2.9
Not:the heighest peak of all samples should not exceed 20 N/mm